23.08.2011 – Uzbekistan – Taszkient – Palace Of Arts “Istiqlol” (World Tour 2011)

Italian pop star Al Bano was warmly received by the public at the VIII International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari”. The singer, in turn, gave heartfelt speech that touched the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. Al Bano knelt and kissed Samarkand ground three times, calling it sacred, which did not leave anyone indifferent. With a firm handshake Islam Karimov and Al Bano Carrisi consolidated the friendship between the two countries: “Italy – Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan – Italy!”. The singer shared by how deeply he was struck at the kindness and honor, which Uzbek people gave him. The magnificence of the architectural monuments of Samarkand and the beauty of the festival produced lasting impressions on Al Bano.

A unique concert program, “Dances of the World” and Al Bano in Tashkent”, has taken place! Al Bano has fully justified the epithet of “long-awaited”. It’s time to sum up. We are glad to share our photo report with you.

The dance ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan “Kazan”, the dance ensemble “Uzbekistan” and the legendary Italian singer Al Bano performed on the same stage as part of the international music festival “Sharq taronalari”, which is designed to acquaint the audience with the best achievements of national musical art from around the world, for the first time in Uzbekistan. The concert was held at the Palace of Arts “Istiqlol” on August 23. The unique concert has become a major event this summer.

Al Bano arrived at the Palace of Arts “Istiqlol” a few hours before the sound check. The legendary Italian singer is a good-natured, funny and responsive person in life. He held a full rehearsal and preparation along with other participants. The ensembles didn’t waste their time too. 80 beautiful dancers stretched out and warmed up in the wings. The girls from the ensemble of “Uzbekistan” demonstrated top professionalism, improvising to Al Bano’s new song “Liberta”.

John Norville and Canino Guya, musicians from the singer’s team, opened the concert. 19-year-old Canino Guya, the budding Italian singer, performed the hit “Someone like you” superbly. It became a magnificent prelude to the long-awaited Italian star’s performance.

Al Bano performed both his own and international hits. The performance was remembered with a warm and friendly atmosphere in the hall, on stage and behind the scenes. “Kazan” and “Uzbekistan” ensembles performed in the second part of the concert. It was a unique theatrical show. 45 people in the “Kazan” ensemble demonstrated great choreography, timing and plastic, and amazed the audience from act to act.

Overall, the performance has had a worthy place in a number of past and future events, held as part of the VIII-International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari”. We remind that the festival will be held in Samarkand on 25 August. Read more in our review.

The magic power of music unifies and connects various nations and nationalities with the bonds of friendship regardless of nationality and language. This is a striking confirmation of the eighth International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari”, which started in the ancient and eternally young city of Samarkand on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the independence of our country. This powerful force combines singers, musicians, composers, musicologists and admirers of art who arrived from 56 countries.

The honored guest of the festival, a famous Italian singer Al Bano Carrisi sang at the opening ceremony of the forum. The artist shared his impressions about our country and festival with UzA reporters:

– Samarkand – this is a dream city – said Al Bano Carrisi. – As a child I read a lot about the distant fairy countries, people in strange clothes and with distinctive customs and the wonderful buildings with blue domes in the works of Marco Polo. When I imagined eastern countries, the Silk Road, Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, my heart was captured with emotions. It seemed a kind of magic and unquenchable desire to see for myself haunted me.

And here I am in Samarkand. It is a thousand times more beautiful than I imagined. Acquainted with your city, which is considered the cradle of ancient civilization and embodied the philosophy of the East, its spirit and the unique art and rich spiritual heritage, exciting people all over the world for thousands of years, I became convinced of the validity of the expression: “In the West – Rome, in the East – Samarkand” .

I am infinitely grateful to His Excellency, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov for the attention and respect and for the happiness to see this truly a paradise – Uzbekistan.

I have visited many countries around the world. I have participated in many prestigious music competitions and forums. However, the International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari” is unique for its beauty, ambition and incomparable contribution to the development of world music. This international forum has long been a unique phenomenon, while the participation in it – the cherished dream of artists from around the world. Today “Shark taronalari” brings together not only musicians, but also incomparable sounds and melodies. It preaches noble ideas such as humanism, generosity, peace and friendship. The arrival of artists from almost all the corners of the world and the demonstration of the music, song and dance of their people and the nation serve undoubtedly to develop mutual cooperation.

Historical monuments are evidences of the enormous potential and talent of your great ancestors and sacred places, where the ashes of the great thinkers attach great spiritual power. I feel like I am the son of this land.

I have heard a lot about the markets of the East. The abundance of produce at the Siab market, sweet fruit of your generous land and candy and bread of Samarkand caused joyful amazement. I am convinced that Uzbekistan is, indeed, a heavenly land, while Samarkand is a city of fairy tales. But more than anything I was touched with hospitality, sincerity, and, especially, the unlimited respect of the people to the arts.

Registan is literally a mirror of world culture. It is a great joy to perform here. In this sense, to hold the festival on this magnificent area gives each participant a magical power and incomparable strength. Your unique art, which touches the hearts of songs and tunes and hot dances, full of graceful movements, shows the great geniuses of the people.

When seeing a figure 20, meaning two decades of the independence of Uzbekistan, I felt like a 20-year guy. Traditions, once originated by Marco Polo, are continuing. The friendly ties between Uzbekistan and Italy have a solid foundation. I would like to see Italian artists performing on the Registan stage afterwards.

I would especially like to note the sounded at the opening ceremony, organized at a high level, words of His Excellency, President Islam Karimov that, in the present turbulent and very difficult time, we all see the positive impact, the essence and purpose of this festival in the service of higher ideals of humanity, strengthening bonds of friendship and cooperation between peoples and nations, awakening the most noble sentiments and spiritual rapprochement of people through the life-giving art of music.

It is great happiness to live and work in a peaceful and tranquil country like Uzbekistan. I love you, Samarkand! I love you, Uzbekistan!


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